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How it works ?

create in 3 steps

PIXITlab assists you during all the stages of the creation: from the choice of the subject to its graphic transformation and up to its physical formatting in the form of a single pixel-art work.

wake up the artist inside you

imagine, create and shareLots of inspiration, three steps, a few clicks and little effort are enough to create beautiful pixel-art works and decorate your walls with brilliance!

« You imagine, you create, you share ! »


Infinite possibilities

1/ You can easily transform the image of your choice into a unique pixel-artwork with the PIXITlab customization tool.

choose the picture you want

The subject of your artwork may be a photograph taken with your mobile phone or an image taken on the web.

Let's go

- Choose the size of your artwork from our 10 sizes.
- Choose the orientation: portrait or landscape.
- Frame your subject.


you are the one who shape your image

2/ Adjust your image settings very easily with the control strips.

Transform your picture

You do this intuitively by simply observing the results of your actions in real time.

Your rendering

- Do you like the rendering ?
- All you have to do is validate your creation !


HOP, it's in the shopping Cart !

The exhibition

offer your pixel artwork to everyone

3/ All you have to do is assemble your exclusive PIXITlab cards.

Each pixel card is numbered on the back so that you can easily recompose your original artwork in the place and on the surface of your choice.

The 3 steps