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Who are we ?



We are above all passionate creative people !

Creator of PIXITlab concept, I am Régis Cazaubon, product-designer, graphic designer and creator of digital artworks in Bordeaux, France. I work with my wife, Audrey Becoye, product-designer, graphic designer and website designer.

Together, we have created the ELIAX studio design office in which we develop and edit our creations and concepts around global design, digital and graphic arts.

We also provide our creative, research & development, artistic and technical consulting, our experience and all our know-how to professionals in design, art, graphic, decorative and visual arts, architecture, furniture, or events.

PIXITlab is our exclusive concept for creating artworks in pixel-art that are accessible to everyone, 100% made in Bordeaux. It is based on the development of a dedicated digital-online creation tool and on the materialization of the work in pixel-art in the form of exclusive, printed, highlighted and numbered custom-made pixel plates, so that it can be reconstructed on any flat surface.

Surrounded by our two children, we are teaming up to develop PIXITlab, process your orders and monitor the production of your works as closely as possible.

Very attached to our beautiful region of South-West France, we work with family and local professionals who share our values and quality requirements.

We are committed to offering a unique creative experience with PIXITlab. A high quality custom-made work, made thanks to the know-how of craftsmen made in France.


Local production, short circuit, just-in-time flow, ecological Imprim'vert label,French quality.

Our manufacturing workshop is located a stone's throw from our offices. This allows us to have a constant link between the management of your creations, made on PIXITlab and the rigorous control of their production.

The production of PIXITlab pixels cards, is carried out by skilled and passionate technicians , on the latest generation of digital machines.

Specialists in photographic printing and art prints for more than 10 years, we work with them in mutual trust around a common passion for graphic arts excellence.
This proximity, at all stages of the life of PIXITlab artwork, gives us a very high degree of fluidity in the management of the information that is necessary to produce, your customised artwork.
Your PIXITlab pixels cards are directly produced, controlled, packaged and shipped from our Girondin workshop.


No solvent, no varnish, no lamination, no storage. Proximity and centralization of the production process.

This short circuit minimizes the production times of your creations as well as their environmental impact.

We do not have any specific material manufactured in order not to unnecessarily increase the production of plastic material.
PIXITlab pixels cards are cut, printed and embossed from standard expanded, PVC panels from European stocks. They are usually used in construction, industry, temporary marking and advertising..
Thanks to you, we strongly value this existing material, which becomes durable and precious, after your action PIXITlab.
Our workshop, certified Imprim'vert , uses exclusively solvent-free inks, UV fixed, consuming up to 50% less, requiring no additional film, or lamination..
Respect for the environment is one of our fundamental values and seems to us inseparable from a love of art and a job well done.