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PIXITlab what this ?

What is  pixitlab

Pixel invasion coming up

« A revolution for artistic creation in pixel-art ! »

application online responsive
An online digital tool on all your multimedia devices to live a unique creative experience
in complete freedom and produce fantastic pixel-artworks.

a unique tool and experience

to be an artist, a muse and a masterpiece at the same time

« Today PIXITlab is becoming accessible to everyone ! »

devnez un  artiste

« PIXITlab frees you from all limits and makes you an accomplished artist! Whatever your technical and artistic level ! »

PIXITlab is an online tool, simple and intuitive, which offers you both a unique creative experience and superb renderings, without the need to master the specific tools and techniques of experienced artists.

whatever the theme

« Customized creation with no limit ! »

examples of rendering in pixel-art
Immortalize each of your best memories in unique pixel artworks !

PIXITlab guides you on your mobile or computer, in the simplest way possible, throughout the creative process: from the initial idea to the final exhibition of your work in pixel-art.

give style to your universe

« Personalized pixel-art works, for a unique decoration, that looks like you ! »

from digital creation to the exhibition of your work
With PIXITlab, you create in total freedom: From digital creation to the exhibition of your artwork

« Create like a real artist, in just a few clicks, unique works of art. Then easily reconstruct your pixel-artwork with our numbered PIXITlab cards, to decorate your walls and display your creations. ! »

Pixitlab 3 in 1

1 complete tool- 1 artwork and 1 creative experience

« With you throughout the creative process. »

digitally create the image of your choice
You digitally create the image of your choice, then PIXITlab manufactures your custom pixel cards so that you can recompose your work in the place and on the surface of your choice.

digital tool

on all your multimedia devices

« A simple interface for a creative freedom. »

To do this, PIXITlab offers you an intuitive and powerful web design interface to easily transform any image into a unique and qualitative work of art.

people pixitlab
Creation for all, in complete freedom !

This tool is accessible from all multimedia devices with an Internet connection. The idea is therefore to simply choose a basic image as a subject and easily transform it into an original masterpiece, without the need for any particular technical knowledge.

a quality artwork

Treatment and manufacture made in France

« Customized pixel-art mastepiece to magnify your walls ! »

Once digitally created, this unique artistic rendering is materialized by our manufacturing workshop, in the form of an artwork in coloured pixels, ready to be mounted.. Your unique pixel cards are manufactured in Bordeaux, France, within 24 hours of your online order, and then shipped to you the next day.

custom artwork in pixel-art to magnify your walls
Pixel artworks in shimmering colours to enhance all your spaces.

PIXITlab guarantees you magnificent and unique results thanks to its exclusive pixel cards, printed and embossed to allow you to expose your pixel-art works to the public..

Pixel-art artwork with shimmering colors to sublimate all your spaces
Creations that look like you and that give your interiors
a unique artistic and contemporary atmosphere.

a unique experience

without limit, fear or constraint

« A unique step-by-step creative experience ! »

PIXITlab makes the creative experience extremely fun, simple and effective. It offers you a unique and beautifully crafted artistic work.

master the whole process of creation: from the initial idea to the editing of your work
Master the entire creative process: from the initial idea to the assembly of your artwork.

PIXITlab assists and guides you through the artistic process: from the digital creation of your image on a screen, to the physical editing of your work.