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Installation & fixing

Installation & fixing


Recompose your artwork step by step

Whichever size you choose, you should always place board number 1 in the lower left corner of your artwork.

The number 2 then moves above the number 1 and so on, to the top of the first column.

For each of the following columns, you must start at the bottom of your artwork from the right side of the previous column, and so on.

cards numbered

mounting by size

Each PIXITlab card is numbered on the back for assembly in just a few minutes..

- Positions of numbered cards according to sizes and orientations -

How to fix the PIXITlab cards

you choose according to your needs

You can simply fix your cards with fixing paste, double-sided adhesive or glue adapted to the PVC and the choice of your support. You can place your pixel cards directly on a wall or on any flat surface. You can also frame your PIXITlab artwork with a frame adapted to the 2 mm thick support.

By choosing a repositionable fixing mode to fix your PIXITlab cards, you can move your creations as you wish, change decors as often as you want and transport your artwork very easily.

« Simple, easy, fast and efficient ! »

repositionable fastening

PIXITlab cards

To bring your artwork to life

an exclusive manufacturing process

As soon as your order is validated, you automatically start the processing and custom manufacturing of your pixel cards.

manufacturing processPrinting, numbering, embossing and cutting of PIXITlab cards.

Each pixel board is embossed and printed according to our exclusive PIXITlab process and the strict result of your adjustments.

The colours and unique positions of the pixels that make up your work are rigorously reproduced.

You get an absolutely unique work of art !

- Contain each 100 pixels.

- Measures 15cm of sides and have a thickness of 2mm.

- Made of ultra-light satin foamed PVC.

- Embossed and 3d textured.

- Printed with UV-curable inks.

- Produced on professional digital machines..

- Follow the exclusive manufacturing process PIXITlab.

- Washable with water.

- Scratch resistant.

- Creation, production, quality control and shipments from Bordeaux (FRANCE).

PIXITlab card - 15 cm x 15 cm - 10 px x 10 px -
100 pixels colored and embossed.