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Tips & Tricks

It's better to choose a good quality picture :

It must be readable.
Well contrasted.
The colors must be sufficiently saturated and differentiated.
The light must be as neutral as possible.
The framing must be tight enough on your subject.

It must not be too dark.
It must not be too small.
It must not be overloaded with details.


pixitlab tool

- Adjust your image to make a beautiful artwork in pixel-art ! -

1 - The good framing:

The subject of your image should cover the maximum of the surface of your creation.Remove unnecessary areas and details. The framing must be close to your subject, it is said that the framing is tight.


2 - The good contrast :

Make sure the shadows and the light are well marked and differentiated.. Make sure that the intermediate areas remain sufficiently present to avoid having an over simplified image.


3 - The good brightness :

Adjust the brightness to handle the amount of light in the light areas of your image. It is necessary that your image is sufficiently enlightened to perceive it well. Be careful, too much light and you can not see anything.


4 – The right white balance :

Make sure your image has perfectly white pixels on the areas where the light is most accentuated.
Adjust the white balance to get at least a few perfectly white pixels in your image.


5 - The right colors :

The colors must be sufficiently bright and varied.
Adjust your saturation and vibrance well to bring out the colors. Warning: if you push too much or too little the saturation of your image, it will be more difficult to differentiate the colors between them and the richness of their variation will be limited. So find the right balance that gives you shimmering and diverse colors.


6 - Validate your rendering :

Once all these parameters are taken into account and balanced on your PIXITlab tool, you just have to validate your rendering.
You launch the production of your artwork in our workshops.
You will receive all the PIXITlab pixels cards needed to mount your creation. They are made for you according to the rendering of your creation and the size you have chosen.



- Positions of cards numbered according to size and orientation -