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"Welcome to PIXITlab, in the world of pixel-art for everyone !"

"Create as a true artist, in just a few clicks, unique works of art. Then easily recompose your artwork with our numbered PIXITlab pixel board, decorate your walls and display your creations."


Customize your work in pixel-art with our PIXITlab tool

Create your own pixel art artwork from your favorite pictures.

Discover our collections of artwork ready to be assembled in pixel-art!

Discover our collections of ready-made artworks !

Here is a selection of our best PIXITlab products!

Artwork pixelized - Bulldog


from 45,00 €

Artwork pixelized - Tribal Warrior


from 45,00 €

Artwork pixelized - Ganesh


from 45,00 €

Artwork pixelized - Albator


from 45,00 €

Here you will find everything you need: tutorials, tips, simulations, ideas and you can start creating your own personalized artwork in pixel-art .

PIXITlab assists and guides you through the artistic process: from the digital creation of your image on a screen to the physical editing of your work.
Looking for inspiration for your interior design? Come and discover the colourful world of PIXITlab. The possibilities are endless so get started !

In this section, we explain how to adjust your image to make a beautiful artwork in pixel-art !

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